NCRS Australia has been approved by the West Australian Department of Transport as a car club through which concessional licensing of older vehicles can be arranged using the Code 404 concession. The club is required to have a register of such vehicles and a club registrar to manage this process.

Concessional licences are available (with use restrictions) for any member for any vehicle which is 25 years or older.

The Code 404 Information Handbook and forms are available from the Council of Motoring Clubs of WA.

Impromptu Events for West Australian Holders of a Code 404 Concessional License

In general, concessional vehicle owners must confine their vehicle’s use to the


  1. Any event organized/advertised by NCRS Australia or events of any club approved by the DoT WA to administer the concessional licensing process;
  2. Driving the vehicle to and from repairs and servicing; and
  3. Test runs.

In normal circumstances, events should be advertised in a club’s newsletter, magazine or website. However, use of a vehicle participating in an impromptu

event involving one or more vehicles, may be acceptable, and must be recorded. in a club’s official ‘Impromptu Run Log’.

Please note that impromptu events may be for ONE DAY ONLY and travelling to a location on one day & return on the next is not allowed.

1 Management site with access to submissions

2 Access to the published form


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