Around 4 years ago I saw a "for sale" video on the net for a '65 Black/Silver convertible and absolutely fell in love with the colour combo - the silver interior  just "popped" out with the black paint! At the time my garage was full so I didn't 'seriously' consider buying it (to my eternal regret as it was also a desirable L84 fuellie - my all-time #1 favourite corvette). Well, the following year a spot opened up in my garage (that's another story) so I began to look for a black/silver coupe. Many months went by with not even a sniff of one available. I then decided it might be easier to find a 'bone' (aka 'donor') for a project car. The main requirement would be original/correct VIN & TRIM tags to retain 'saleability' later on. This search was also fruitless and I pretty much gave up "chasing the dream", especially considering that black/silver is one of, if not THE, rarest original colour combos.

You can imagine my disbelief when I saw the "for sale" ad in the NCRS Driveline for: "a '65 black/silver 350hp coupe, fully restored & ready for judging". Seeing as the car was in Pennsylvania, USA, and there was only a phone number contact, I was quickly on to my awesome mate Jim Hornaday in Alabama to check it out for me. The "buying experience" over the following several months is a story all it's own, suffice to say I'm eternally indebted to Jim for all the amazing effort he put into realising "the dream" for me.

So the '65 made it's way to Huntsville, Alabama via truck and 'rested' there a few months whilst I got the import paperwork and shipping arrangements sorted. Jim and another terrific mate, Seth Wood, then towed the '65 to Savannah Georgia for the container ship voyage to Fremantle. Other than a delay in Melbourne (which unfortunately meant I missed the Joondalup Flight Judging meet) the shipping went without issue and the '65 made it "home" totally unscathed. (a big thanks to Frank & team at Dominion Freight, Melbourne & Kaylah at ASF Logistics, Savannah)

The best surprise for me was the '65's overall condition and quality of restoration (including a photo album showing every step in the resto!) - absolutely WAY ABOVE what I could have ever hoped for! Having said that, I had absolutely 100% confidence in Jim's recommendation to buy her - after all, Jim has one of the most amazing collections of rare, high-end 'vettes around and he really knows his stuff!

So, some details on the '65: original VIN/TRIM tags and drivetrain; 327/350hp; M20 4speed; 3.70:1 posi; N11 offroad exhaust (sounds great!); teak/tele steering; K-O's. And all the other important bits are also NCRS-correct: carb; radiator; alternator; electrics; brakes; suspension; glass. And everything functions a treat - even the cold fast-idle and windscreen washer sprayers :o)

In closing, I'd like to HUGELY thank Jim & Seth for making this happen for me!