This is a lil’ ditty about a freshly restored Vette’s (with 30mls on it ) journey all the way to OZ from Las Vegas, Nevada. Whilst surfing the net for a 57 Chev Pillarless coupe for over three years, I bumped into this hot lil’ Vette on the same web site. Having my favourite colour combo of white/red for this era of cars I was intrigued to say the least, having had mid-year Vette’s belted into me for a few years from my good friend Gary Wilkinson I kind of figured this could be a winner. After doing some research and considering hiding it from Gary until I drove it up his driveway, I had however confirmed it to be a complete numbers matching 340HP 63 Convertible mmmm, YUM!! Having one of the best Mid-year gurus as a close mate, my brain told me I would have been a fool not to consult him for his expertise. After going over it with him on the web-site one night over a couple of Makers Mark bourbon’s I left him to go through the hundreds of photo’s and information at his leisure…As we all know, best to leave him alone when he gets his eye’s into a new unknown Mid-year LOL!!
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