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Note: The State Rep is normally the first point of contact for enquiries regarding NCRS Australia membership or general club info.
Enquiries from Tasmania  are covered by the VIC Rep. SA and NT is covered by the SA Rep.

President Murray Forman
Phone: 02 4567 8330
Vice President Rod Grogan
Phone: 0429 460 430
Secretary Wendy Forman
Phone: 0488 906 364
Editor Wendy Forman
Phone: 0488 906 364
Treasurer Deborah Bridge
Merchandise Officer Richard Dickens
Phone: 0414 241 838
Webmaster Gary Cowans
Phone: 0418 940 562
Club Plate Registrar Rod Grogan
Events Coordinator Andrew Christopolous
Committee Members Harry Turner
Terry Martin
Jeff Cooper
Ross Reynolds
Public Officer Murray Forman
Phone: 0488 906 364
Membership Officer Joe Caruana
Legal Advisor Andrew Christopolous
State Representatives  
NSW State Rep. Murray Forman
Phone: 02 4567 8330
VIC State Rep. TBA
QLD State Rep. Bryan Wharton
Phone: 0413 980 420
WA State Rep. Terry Martin
Phone: 0488 816 067
SA State Rep. TBA
NSW Committee Harry Turner
Ross Reynolds